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Why A Certified Organic Latex Mattress?

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

When looking for the best latex mattress, check for the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) Certification.

What Is GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard)?

With the quickly growing demand for natural sleep products to improve and protect

health, more and more people are investing in latex mattresses. To aid people in

recognizing what the healthiest organically grown latex options are, the Control Union

created the GOLS certification program. This international testing and certification

program developed the first global standard for natural latex, latex foam, and products

made with latex foam.

The Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) Certification, guarantees your new bed is

made of the highest amount of natural latex possible – 95%. The GOLS certification

assures you a quality product that’s made using eco-friendly, sustainable methods.

Why Use Latex?

Natural latex products reduce your exposure to chemicals. Synthetic products contain

chemicals, which may be toxic to both the environment as well as human health.

Both formaldehyde and phthalates were commonly used chemicals in the process of

making polyurethane foams. Although many North American manufacturers have

stopped using these chemicals (CertiPUR-US ® certified), many manufacturers worldwide

continue to do so. These chemicals break down at room temperature, which emits gases

that can cause nausea, breathlessness, wheezing, coughing, or skin irritation. As for the

environment, the byproducts that get released during the synthetic manufacturing process

can effect both flora and fauna. To avoid these harmful effects, eco-friendly shoppers are

increasingly searching for responsibly made, organic products.

Thermal Regulation- Latex's thermal properties are truly outstanding. Its superior cell structure gives it maximum breath-ability, keeping you cool all night long.

Hypoallergenic- Suffer from allergies? Latex foam-mattresses are naturally hypoallergenic. Bacteria and mildew cannot easily live in a latex foam, and independent tests have proven that a latex mattress is 3 times more resistant to dust mites than non latex mattresses.

Support Matters

As we all know support from your mattress matters.

The lack of support in your mattress can trigger back pain or hip pain due to spinal misalignment. Latex rubber foam offers the best support a mattress can give due to its buoyant properties. Latex not only remains supportive all night long, certified organic latex remains supportive for decades.

Latex mattresses are naturally therapeutic and provide extraordinary orthopedic support. Latex mattresses last 20+ years without sagging or taking on body impressions (no "turning" needed).

Latex mattresses are continuously recommended by Orthopedic Surgeons and Chiropractors because of the extraordinary comfort and the unparalleled orthopedic support. In fact, latex foam has been used in hospital beds for over 50 years.

Carbon Neutral

CERTIFIED organic latex has a Carbon Neutral Certification.

A 12 acre plantation has 2500 rubber trees, which remove 143 tons of CO2 per year.

Does Certified Organic matter?

What about 100% Natural?

YES. Certified organic matters. With certified organic latex, the product is tested thoroughly each batch to ensure quality standards. To label a product as GOLS certified, the product must contain minimum 95% certified organic raw material of the total weight.

As everything is considered natural to advertisers, the term natural meaning it comes from the earth, many companies use the terms 100% natural to intrigue customers but the reality of 100% natural, is that it can still contain up to 70% petroleum because its still natural. They can also contain fillers such as sand and clay to make the product seems more dense. Using fillers is a problem because it decreases the lifespan of the mattress by years.

Natural, Certified Organic, Healthy Sleep system Option

We are all thinking of health related things especially during these weird times and a Certified Organic mattress is perfect for a healthy sleep.

Certified organic latex is resistant to:


-Mildew & is resistant to dust mites for added allergy protection.

What if I have a Latex allergy?

Thankfully, people who are allergic to latex or have latex sensitivities will not have a reaction when it comes to latex mattresses. This is because the protein that causes reactions is denatured in the latex cooking process. People with this condition find that rubbing the back of their hand on the latex and waiting for a period of time confirms this before purchasing the product.

How Do they Make Rubber Foam?

Methods Of Latex Rubber Tapping

All natural rubber originates in the Hevea tree, and it starts its journey when the

tree is tapped. Trees are rarely tapped more often than once every two days.

A tapper starts the trek around the plantation before dawn. At each tree a sharp

knife is used to shave off the thinnest possible layer from the intact section of bark.

The cut must be neither too deep, nor too thick. Either will reduce the productive

life of the tree. This starts the latex flowing, and the tapper leaves a little cup

underneath the cut.

In ordinary circumstances, this latex will normally coagulate into a lump in the

bottom of the cup, called "cup lump" If the plantation manager wants to make latex,

then the tapper must add a stabilizing agent to the cup.

Latex Is Not Made From Sap

Latex is often described as the sap of the Hevea tree. This is not an accurate

description. The sap runs deeper inside the tree, beneath the cambium. Latex runs

in the latex ducts which are in a layer immediately outside the cambium. This

highlights the skill of the tapper. If the cambium is cut, then the tree is damaged,

because the cambium is where all the growth takes place. Too much damage to the

cambium, and the tree stops growing and stops making latex.

What About the Fabric?

If there are other materials in the latex product, such as cotton or wool, they must be GOTS or Eco-Institut certified. To view these certifications, please view:

These are globally accepted organic certifications for textiles that ensure even the non-latex materials are responsibly made with minimal chemical inputs.

Is There Child Labor?

GOLS certified products not only meet strict manufacturing regulations, but they also

meet strict social regulations. They provide safe working conditions and proper wages,

according to the ILO (International Labor Organization) guidelines. Discrimination and

child labor are not allowed. One more assurance that GOLS give the environmentally

aware consumer.


The GOLS certification, which permits only 5% synthetic content in a product, is one of

the most stringent standards in the industry. These products are made responsibly with

minimal use of chemicals, so they do not emit harmful gases and this certification also

ensures there are checks and measures in the processing and manufacturing units,

preventing industrial waste from leaking into the environment. Investing in a GOLS

certified product means reducing chemical pollutants in your indoor as well as outdoor environment leading to a sound sleep for consumers knowing they are protecting

themselves and future generations.

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