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Stop Fighting with Your bed, Sleep on it

All I wanted was a good nights sleep.

I truly believed I had made a good decision, I had done my homework so I bought a high quality name brand that I trusted. I spent thousands of dollars and had a great warranty... or so I thought!

It took no time at all for my beautiful pillow top to start feeling like it was caving in. I called the store who referred me to the manufacturer since the comfort trial period was over. This is when the real frustration began! I explained that both sides of our bed were collapsing and had indentations, our backs were sore every morning and we're not sleeping well at all. It didn't matter: I was told that the 1.5" indentations were normal and there was nothing they could do. Talk about the opposite of what I thought I had paid for to say the least.

Sadly, we hear this same story over and over from customers who have bought

"really nice mattresses".

The mattress industry is hiding a lot. We are here to shine a light on the truth so you know what to look for when shopping for a bed.

The Basics

All mattresses are made in layers.

The type of material and quality/density will determine how long a material will hold its firmness and comfort.

Is a firm mattress better than a soft one?

If I offered you a Firm mattress, a soft mattress or a comfortable mattress which one would you choose?

We believe that everyone needs firm support, however that does not mean your bed needs to feel hard. There needs to be a balance of support and pressure relief.

Comfort is the single most important factor for a good night sleep and does vary depending on a persons size, weight and firmness preference. This is the reason most of our beds are modular so comfort can be easily adjusted at any time.

Brand names and fancy terms sound great but don't convey a lot of information. Although something may be 'space technology' etc. it boils down to how the product feels, the quality of the materials and how they interact with your body. Every body is different, and will change over time. It is important to take these factors into consideration when choosing a mattress.

We focus on the right materials that keep their shape and last, so you can stop fighting with your mattress and you can just sleep on it!

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