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Warranty Coverage

Your foams are warranted to be free of material defect upon purchase
and with proper care to last ten years ( and likely longer) without large body
impressions/dips and to maintain proper support. The cover is warrantied for
one year to be free of defect, but will be null and void if proper washing
instructions (cold water,gentle cycle, hang dry) are not followed.

What is Not Covered

Warranties do not apply to products that are stained, soiled, burned, mildewed, or
have received obvious abuse or improper care which includes, but is not limited to,
improper foundations for mattresses (using old boxsprings, or unventilated
surfaces – floors for example and platform beds that lack proper slats and center
support) and improper flipping/rotation of the mattress. Warranties do not cover
damage to foam products that have been laundered in a washing machine and/or
dryer. Warranties do not cover normal wear and tear or discolouration of foam and
the cover. Warranties are non-transferable. Original receipts must accompany
warranty claims.

Warranty Questions/Processing

Should you have any questions about how your mattress is wearing and/or
any concerns, please email us at with the date you
originally purchased the product and the receipt number as well as the name it
was purchased under. Write a detailed description of what concerns you have
and send a few pictures that document what you are seeing/experiencing. We
will get back to you as soon as possible to work on a solution. Some issues
are simple fixes, others may require a bit more time, however, we will work

diligently to get you back the restful sleep you deserve.

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