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It all started with the birth of our third child. When he was born I (Chad) went and slept in basement on a piece of foam we had for guests. I intended to be there for only few weeks until the baby was in his own room, however I started sleeping soooo good I spent 6 months down there.  At the start of our marriage in 1996 I started selling conventional mattresses for a bedroom store in Prince George, over the next 6 years I tried a multitude of different mattresses and was never happy with any of them for more than about 3 months. Prior to being in the mattress business I was a logger/buckerman and was injured on the job when the loader operator hit me with a tree in the head and I was smashed face first into the steel cabinets of a welding truck. Needless to say, I have had many neck and back problems since. At one point I could barley turn my head and could hardly lift my head off the floor, which I spent a lot of time laying on. After years and years of constant pain it felt like a miracle to finally get some good sleep. Once I started sleeping on a foam mattress I started sleeping through the entire night and also started having some relief from the neck and back pain. That is when I said to my wife " we are getting a foam mattress, my arms don't fall asleep anymore my back feels better I sleep through the whole night". Sooooo Comfortable!


That is when the idea for Everything Foam Co was born.

Talk about humble beginnings, with three small children and almost no money we started out of the basement our home in College Heights. We soon realized that there was enough demand for our products that we decided to open a retail location.

Everything Foam Company started as a retail business in 2003 in Prince George, British Columbia. We specialize in foam mattresses of all types: memory foam mattresses and pillows, latex mattresses and pillows and other foam products such as sofa cushions, medical supports, camping foam, RV mattresses as well as high quality bedding.   2023 marks the start of our 20th year of business and we want to thank our customers for supporting us.

Thank You!



At Everything Foam, we believe that everyone deserves to have a great sleep. We believe everyone needs good, firm support. This does not mean your bed must feel hard. In order to get a comfortable sleep you must balance support and comfort. At Everything Foam we know that not everyone likes the same thing and there is no one size fits all, so we help you find that perfect comfort to keep you well supported and comfortable long term.



We can build you a bed any size, firmness and quality! We always start with a good firm support base. Then we add layers of various types we can create a personalized fit to get you sleeping better than ever. There is a wide range of textures and responses that you can choose from so finding a comfort that works with your body is easy! The combination of excellent support, pressure relief and precision shaping to your body cradles you and gives you a deeper  more restful sleep, night after night!

Once you've slept on foam, nothing else compares!


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