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Classic Wool Duvet

As this product contains "carded wool" it cannot be successfully laundered on a regular basis. Dry Cleaning is recommended and be sure to inform the dry cleaner the filling is wool. Any spills and small stains can be "spot" hand washed with lukewarm water and mild detergent in a laundry tub, rinsed with cool water and allowed to drain in the tub till dry enough to hang up to finish drying. Regular use of a duvet cover will eliminate the need for frequent cleaning.


Wool Knop Pillows

Any time re-fluffing: place pillow or pillows (max. 2) in dryer with a wet (wrung-out) terry towel. Tumble for 5 - 8 minutes on "hot", remove and allow to cool before use. The steam released will refluff the wool knops.

Laundry - two choices. Unzip cover, pour loose knop fill into a large plastic bag. Launder cotton cover in machine with other bedding. Refill and use. This can be done as frequently as you desire. The whole pillow may be hand washed if needed. Lukewarm water, mild detergent in laundry tub. Gently squeeze - do not agitate. When rinsed can be "spun" in washing machine to remove excess water. Place in dryer on hot for max. 5 minutes. Remove and allow to air dry.


Washable Wool Mattress Pads and Duvets

SnugSleep washable wool duvets and mattress pads feature superwash New Zealand wool and a pre shrunk cotton covering. These washable wool products can be machine laundered in a front loading machine using cool water, delicate cycle and an approved wool soap. Tumble dry at low setting for a maximum of 10 minutes then hang to finish air drying.​


Wool is a fibre that can be derived from many different animals, but it most commonly comes from sheep. Wool has several unique features that differentiate it from hair, such as crimp and elasticity. Often, wool is mixed with other fibres to reduce costs, but we at Nature's Embrace use only 100% pure virgin wool to ensure you get the full benefit of this natural super fibre.



Wool is a natural climate control system for your sleep environment. When you’re cold, wool traps warm air escaping from your body and circulates it around you. When you need to cool down, wool traps the water vapour accumulating on your skin and slowly evaporates it away. This dynamic action helps you remain in the optimal temperature range for a deep, restorative REM sleep.


Fire Resistant​

All jurisdictions have mattress regulations regarding mattress flammability. Regulations vary per jurisdiction, but the one thing that remains constant is the need for fire retardants to legally sell a mattress. Fortunately, wool is a natural fire retardant. Wool ignites at a higher temperature than cotton, has a low rate of flame spread and does not melt or drip. Wool also forms a char that is insulating and self-extinguishing. Due to wool's inherent fire retardant properties, wool batting alone or special needle punched wool barriers will pass the most stringent mattress flammability standards, ensuring that no chemical additives are needed.


Mould & Mildew Resistant

Mildews and moulds require moisture to live and grow, and the natural characteristics of wool forbid that.



On the exterior of each wool fibre resides a layer of yellowish wax called lanolin. Lanolin is a natural disinfectant that provides a protective anti-microbial coating which inhibits the growth of microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi.



Wool is a biodegradable fibre composed mostly of keratin. Keratin is the same structural protein that makes up human skin, nails and hair.



The lanolin coating on wool provides numerous therapeutic benefits. Renowned for its rejuvenation and healing properties, wool lanolin can be found in such products as sunscreens, hand lotions, baby products, shaving supplies, manicure products, hair care products, eye care, lip ointment and facial makeup.


Elastic & Resilient​

Wool is naturally very elastic and resilient, which leads to incredible durability. Elasticity is critical in mattress applications, since it allows the cover to seamlessly adjust to your body contours. Our suppliers maximize the inherent resiliency and elasticity of wool by mixing fleeces from various species of sheep to maximize loft and durability.

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