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The Balance Copper mattress is truely like no other! This is our most popular balance build!


The combination of the copper infused latex and premium quality gel memory foam together creates a truely blissful sensation unlike any mattress on the market right now!


With the added benefits of copper infused latex such as:

- Promoting better circulation

- Anti-microbial

- Easy to move in

- Breathable

- Cooling

- Cradling support


This makes the Balance Copper the perfect choice for anyone with mobility issues or anyone who wants to experience the most luxourious support that yeilds a deeply restful sleep.


Bonus feature:

Adjustable comfort because the layers are not glued together.

This allows you to easily change the comfort from firm to softer by moving, removing, or adding more comfort layers. 


FAQ: Do the layers slide around since there not glued?

Answer: No, since foam grips well to other foam, the layers do not slide.


Why Build your own? For ultimate convenience, portability and adjustability. 


Overtime as your body changes and/or your comfort preferences change, instead of buying a whole new mattress, you can refresh your mattress! Simply upgrade one or more of the layers in the mattress for a brand new feeling bed.

The Balance Copper

PriceFrom C$769.99
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