Our wool bedding is part of a perfect sleep system. Wool bedding is proven to reduce your sleeping heart rate by keeping you at a more consistent sleeping temperature. Due to the breathable cotton cover and absorbent nature of wool, excess heat can escape so you stay comfortable. The wool naturally repels dust mites due to its Lanolin content. It keeps you cool and dry in the summer; and warm and cozy in the winter. These pillows are super easy to care for. Find our wool care tips here.



Washable Wool Mattress Pad

Washable Wool Duvet




Washable Wool Mattress Pad


The washable wool mattress makes an excellent top layer to any mattress. Because the wool absorbs up to 1/3 of its wieght in liquid, the wool pad helps protect your mattress from body oils and spills. 




Twin: 40" x 77"

Double: 55" x 77"

Queen: 61" x 81"

King: 79" x 81"


Washable Wool Duvet

The washable wool duvet is one of the best comforter blankets you will own. It won't trap heat like conventional duvets and has a nice weight that's not too light or too heavy.




Twin: 64" x 88"

Double: 78" x 88"

Queen: 89" x 90"

King: 106" x 90"

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