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Our Balance Serene is our most popular memory foam bed made with a high tech gel formula offering an ultra luxurious feel.


This amazing pressure relieving material shapes and supports your body perfectly and helps align your body for an unbelievable comfort and a deep restful sleep.


Bonus feature:

Adjustable comfort because the layers are not glued together.

This allows you to easily change the comfort from firm to softer by moving, removing, or adding more comfort layers. 


FAQ: Do the layers slide around since there not glued?

Answer: No, since foam grips well to other foam, the layers do not slide.


Why Build your own? For ultimate convenience, portability and adjustability. 


Overtime as your body changes and/or your comfort preferences change, instead of buying a whole new mattress, you can refresh your mattress! Simply upgrade one or more of the layers in the mattress for a brand new feeling bed.

The Balance Serene

PriceFrom C$699.99
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