This topper is truely like no other!


The combination of the copper infused latex and premium quality cooling gel memory foam together creates a truely blissful sensation unlike any topper on the market right now!


With the added benefits of copper infused latex such as:

- Promoting better circulation

- Anti-microbial

- Easy to move in

- Breathable

- Cooling

- Cradling support


This makes the copper topper the perfect choice for anyone with mobility issues or anyone who wants to experience the most luxourious support that yeilds a deeply restful sleep. This is our most popular topper since its arrival!


These toppers are available in 2"& 3".

2"= 1" Copper infused latex & 1" Premium memory foam.

3"= 1" Copper infused latex & 2" Premium memory foam.

Copper Topper Sky Gel

PriceFrom C$300.99