Foam Care

How to Care for Foam Mattresses


To ensure the long life of your foam mattress, rotate it from head to foot frequently. We suggest rotating once every two – three weeks for the first couple months, and then rotate with every change of season (once every three or four months). The Mattress cover can be washed in in cold water on a gentle cycle. The cover should be hang-dried. Be sure to avoid open flame or high temperatures around your foam mattress as foam is an organic material (like wood or cotton) and can ignite.


Softening of Foam


It is normal for foam to soften with use (mostly in the beginning of its life) and it is normal to have slight body depressions in foam. The overall softening effect (de-starching or “breaking in”) can vary from 10%-15% of original firmness. If you are a couple we suggest cuddling in the middle of your mattress to avoid ridges and ensure even wear. You can also kneel or walk on your foam to speed up the de-starching process.


How to Care for Your New Foam Topper


Place your topper on your existing mattress and then place the sheets over top of it. The next time you change your sheets, rotate the topper so you are now sleeping where your feet used to be. The next time you change you sheets, flip the topper over so you are sleeping on the other side. We suggest rotating the flipping whenever you change your sheets to ensure even wear of you topper. Have a great night’s sleep!

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